Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nate Potter Shows His Stuff Today

Every year, hundreds of college football players are paraded in front of drooling NFL scouts (there's something wrong with that), and are analyzed, psychoanalyzed, interviewed by the media, x-rayed and given medical tests.  Then, they're given a chance to workout in various drills that the NFL believes are more important than performance on the football field.

The NFL is handicapped in its ability to evaluate talent these days, and has been for some time.  All you have to know about the NFL is that today, Johnny Unitas or Joe Montana wouldn't be drafted.  But nevertheless, they have this circus called the NFL Combine in which the scouts and coaches try to figure out what we fans already know.

Seven Boise State players have been invited this year, more than any other year--play the "what we fans already know" tape again...All-American tackle Nate Potter is performing his workouts today.  The NFL Channel has all the details, the numbers, the shuttle times, how many plates of spaghetti he can eat, etc.  Here is the schedule of workouts for the other Broncos:

Quarterback Kellen Moore
Running Back Doug Martin

Defensive End Tyrone Crawford
Defensive End Shea McClellin, who is working out at LB
Defensive Tackle Billy Winn

Safety George Iloka

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