Saturday, December 31, 2011

Players to Watch in 2012

When you lose as many seniors as Boise State did in 2011, there is tremendous opportunity for new stars to emerge, for people to step up and enjoy their moment in the sun.  I identify several players below that I believe that must step up this fall if the Broncos are going to reach their potential.  You will notice that these players aren't stars already--there are several players returning that have already proven themselves and they'll do fine.  What this list is about is the guys that might be unsung players on the team, or players that haven't fully reached their potential but might be on the verge of exploding this fall.

The Bronco team badly needs each of these guys to do just that, to start to build a future for themselves.  This is their time now.  The Kellen Moore's, Doug Martin's and Shea McClellin's have already formed their destiny and achieved their greatness.  "Refuse to Lose" is the mantra, and if this next group of Broncos is going to be thought of in the same light as the Class of 2011, these players must step up now.

Joe Southwick, Grant Hedrick, Jimmy Laughrea and Nick Patti--The obvious vacuum was created when Kellen Moore took his last snap.  All four of these young signal-callers must show leadership, beginning right now.  They have to establish a rapport with each of their receivers, first and foremost, and with their offensive line.  They must show that they can be counted on to deliver an outstanding season and outstanding future for Boise State.  Their time is now.

Jay Ajayi--This back came to Boise from Texas with all kinds of talent and potential.  It would be a shame to throw that away because you couldn't keep your head straight.  With Martin gone, the door is wide open for another back to emerge.  Coach Pete said that Ajayi didn't deserve to be with the team in Las Vegas and he's absolutely right.  Boise State needs for Jay Ajayi to deserve to be with the team.  Period.

Geraldo Boldewijn--The NFL scouts are already excited about the ability and potential of this guy.  He's been overshadowed his first two years with Pettis, Young and Shoemaker.  The Boise State coaches need and the fans want this tall, talented receiver to be a major force in 2012.

Lee Hightower--This promising freshman helped stop the leaks at cornerback because of injuries to both Jerrell Gavins and Jamar Taylor.  Hightower is being groomed to replace George Iloka at safety.  Lee just began to show what he can do and the Broncos expect Hightower to be a force in the Boise State secondary for years to come.

Tyler Horn--Big things are expected from Horn, one of a select few to play as a true freshman.  He finished the year as the backup to the great Tyrone Crawford, and Horn will have to step up and make his own presence at D-end this fall.

Holden Huff--I list Huff because he is a tall target who showed tremendous potential at Rocklin High School in California.  Recruiting buffs will note that Huff played at Rocklin the same time that Jimmy Laughrea did and especially if Laughrea gets the nod next year, look for Huff to shine.
Jeremy Ioane--Ioane selected Boise State over offers from some pretty elite schools but when inserted into the lineup earlier this year, he didn't dominate at safety the way we all expected.  The amount of time it takes to adjust to the speed of college ball is different for each player, but if Boise State is going to continue to reside in the upper echelon of college football, Ioane needs to excel this fall.

Malcolm Johnson--This guy has already taken a long route after leading the nation in rushing in high school.  He's had a few problems, but if this young man wants to reach his potential, he needs to buckle down and make it happen this fall, not only for him, but to give D.J. Harper some depth behind him.
Joe Kellogg--Kellogg has been a long-time starter, but with the graduation of seniors Thomas Byrd, Nate Potter and Chuck Hayes on the line, Kellogg needs to be the vocal leader of the unit.  He will need to bring upperclassmen that will be moving into the starting lineup up to snuff on what is expected out of a starting Boise State lineman, as well as help the younger talent along.

Charles Leno--As another returning starter on the O-line, Leno too will be counted on for his leadership.  This has been a proud Bronco unit since The Bronco Years began in 1999 and Boise State will not be successful unless this group dominates this fall.

Beau Martin--Bronco fans are all abuzz about this guy.  When you lose five of the best defensive linemen in school history, you really need guys like Beau Martin to step up his game and play like his hair is on fire.

Blake Renaud--Blake graduated from the storied program of De La Salle in California.  With Byron Hout gone, Blake is the man that needs to come in and take over the MIKE position.

Jake Van Ginkel--Bronco fans are mystified that there have been no recruits at kicker in the Class of 2012, especially given Van Ginkel's suspension from the Las Vegas Bowl.  The only conclusion is that Coach Pete believes he can get this guy straightened out to where Boise State will once again have a reliable kicker.  Since that really is the only logical conclusion why there is no 2012 kicker recruit, Van Ginkel must prove why he was brought here.

Troy Ware--Ware is another talented receiver that must step up this fall.  When guys ahead of you graduate, that means it's your turn to show what you can do.  Life is short and so is your time in college.  You only have four years and need to make the most of it.  This is Ware's time and he must step forward and give the Broncos another great wide receiver.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2012--Something to Prove

With the graduation of every large Boise State class, and 2011 was another big one, comes the lack of respect from around the nation.  We've already seen it from the way too early preseason polls for 2012, putting Boise State at #26 after likely finishing in the top four or five this year. 

People will give credit to Coach Chris Petersen and his staff, and very grudgingly give it to a senior class, but then they say that the coaching and the seniors are the only reasons why Boise State was good and once this class is gone, they'll go to the city of Mediocrity, the place they wish Boise State had been all along. 

So the challenge is there for the returning Boise State players.  Will the so-called experts be right?  Once Kellen Moore is gone, do the remaining Bronco players collapse, or will they follow the recent history of reloading to the point where they are firing on all cylinders by season's end?  As Bronco fans, we will be hopeful, but 2007 is a pretty good comparison. 

The team had lost a ton of talent from the 2006 season and started the year with a new quarterback.  Losses to Washington, Hawai'i and East Carolina, at least two of which should not have happened, put a damper on the season.  Normally when a team goes 10-3 you say that's a good year but not given the way the season concluded.  Boise State lost to Washington, not because they couldn't move the ball, but because they couldn't score in the red zone.  Time and time again, the Broncos moved the ball to the 20 or inside the 10 and could not score.  Hawai'i was indeed a solid team that went to the Sugar Bowl, but after the Sugar Bowl, we realized they were not a great team.  Georgia easily showed us that the way to beat Hawai'i was to have a pass rush with a pulse and put your corners on the line of scrimmage to take the short passes away.  Pretty easy, really, if you had a good defense.  And East Carolina...hell, when you have players comment that they wanted to go to the Hawai'i Bowl because they felt like they deserved a vacation, game pretty much over before it starts.

So even with all the losses from 2006, I just showed above that the 2007 team very easily could have gone unbeaten but did not.  When a quarterback focuses on one receiver and doesn't spread the ball all over the field, and the line cannot punch the ball in up close, it lessens your chances.  When you let another team's offense dictate the way you play defense, that's a can of worms you don't want to open.  And when you feel you deserve a vacation for a bowl game after losing twice in the season, there's some problems with goals and accepting less than stellar performance. 

My point for years is that the season is made or broken in the off-season, especially at the high levels of Division I football.  The main factor that influences the season is chemistry--each individual team either has it or it doesn't.  It's not something that can be artificial or manufactured.  You trust and respect your teammates or you don't.  You understand your role on the team or you don't.  Obviously, with the high quality of people that Coach Petersen and his staff bring to Boise State, each of those players is someone that the coaching staff wants and believes in.  If that belief is transferred to the players, it's a very tight-knit group, the sort of which we have seen at Boise State for the last four years.  The second biggest factor that influences the next season is in attitude and perseverance.  How does the team as a whole and each individual player approach the season?  With confidence?  With the burning desire to get better?  Unless each player can answer a resounding "Yes" to both, there's some attitude issues already and that's going to dog the team through the fall.  The attitude has to carry you through from right now through the end of the season.  Each player has to perform lights out for every practice, including summer workouts.  If a player or the team isn't ready in the summer to storm through the season, by the time fall practices start, it's too late.  The team has already lost.

So my argument is going to be that if you don't have chemistry and you don't have attitude, nothing you do in the fall is going to matter.  Doesn't matter how talented you are or if the ball bounces your way, you get the right calls on the field, etc. 

So if you really want to know how the 2012 Boise State football team will do, observe them around each other, then check out their summer workouts.  You can pretty much tell if they're going at it hard enough to beat LSU, Alabama, Michigan State or BYU.  For it's one thing to go through the motions, quite another when a team of that caliber is trying to keep you from going where you want to go. 

The 2012 team can either prove the experts right, or they can have their own say in the matter.  The clock is already ticking.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boise State in the Mock Drafts

There's already discussion about the prospects for Boise State student-athletes in the upcoming National Football League Draft.  Some people think has many as seven Broncos will be chosen.  There's something important to keep in mind, though--these drafts never turn out as well as we hope or believe they should go.  I've looked at several "Mock Drafts" and here are some of the highlights:

CBS projects no Broncos will be chosen in the first round.  Now NFL Draft does not have any Broncos in either their first or second round, but they do project tackle Nate Potter as #83 (to Chicago) and defensive tackle Billy Winn #94 (Baltimore).  Walter Football has the highest projection for a Boise State star (#39) for Winn to Carolina and also projects Potter as the #88 pick by the New York Giants.  Draft Tek does not project a Bronco in the first two rounds either but this is the first I've found that goes through five rounds.  They project Winn (#77 to San Diego), Potter (#90 to Baltimore), defensive end Shea McClellin (#109 to Arizona--fourth round), quarterback Kellen Moore (#151 to Atlanta--fifth round) and safety George Iloka (#157 to San Francisco--also fifth round).

We'll continue to update you on what the "experts" think of Boise State's chances in the draft.

Boise State Sets Another Modern Record with Four Straight 12-Win Seasons

With it's win over Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl, Boise State set another modern record with its fourth straight 12-win season.

Oklahoma (2002-2004) and USC (2003-2005) are the only ones besides Boise State to win 12 or more games in three straight years since the 19th century.  

But only the Broncos have won 12 or more games in four straight years since 1900.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Boise State Gets Commitment from Connor Peters

Junior college tight end Connor Peters has committed to Boise State.  Peters (6-4, 235) is from Laney College and played high school at famous DeLeSalle and was a teammate of Blake Renaud.

Still no new kicker signed.

50 and 3-Boise State Defeats Arizona State 56-24

From the opening kickoff, one had a feeling this would be a special night for Doug Martin. From the moment 24 distinguished Broncos first took the field four years ago in Boise, people around them sensed they were special. People around the nation were in awe of how a team that had been snubbed for a BCS Bowl could thorougly dominate a team that defeated USC and played Oregon down to the wire.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doug Martin Breaks School Record for All-Purpose Yards in a Game

From the opening kickoff, you sensed this was going to be a special night for Doug Martin.

Martin took the kickoff and returned it all the way down the sideline for 102 yards (credited with 100) that gave Boise State the lead.  He then proceeded to rush for 151 yards, caught three passes for 26 yards, and returned another kickoff 24 yards.  That's 301 yards of all-purpose rushing, the first time in school history that a Boise State player has gone over the 300-yard mark.

The previous record was set by Brock Forsey in 2000 against Northern Iowa, when he rang up 292 yards.

Kellen Moore Ties Colt McCoy for 7th in NCAA History

Kellen Moore came into tonight's Las Vegas Bowl showdown with Arizona State 26 completions behind Colt McCoy for #7 in NCAA history.  With 26 tonight, Moore finishes his career tied with the great Texas QB.

Both four-year starters completed 1,157 passes in their careers.

School Record 100-Yard Interception Return Gives Boise State 35-10 Lead Over Arizona State

Jamar Taylor, injured since midway through the season, has intercepted a pass in the end zone and returned it all the way down the sideline to give Boise State a 35-10 lead in the third quarter over Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl.  That sets an all-time Boise State record for the longest interception return.

Tasi Autele has held the school record record since 1993 with a 99-yard pick six against Montana.

Congrats Jamar and Welcome Back!!!!

Martin Now Tied for #2 All-Time for Most 200-Yard All-Purpose Games

Doug Martin has 224 yards of all-purpose offense thus far tonight, giving him his fourth 200-yard game of his career.

1. Brock Forsey (8) 1999-2002
2. Doug Martin (4) 2008-current
2. K.C. Adams (4) 1994
2. Chris Jackson (4) 1986-1987
2. Cedric Minter (4) 1977-1980
6. Ryan Ikebe (3) 1993-1996
6. Winky White (3) 1987-1990

Shoemaker Has Tied Kipp Bedard for 14th All-Time in Career Receptions

With three catches tonight, Tyler Shoemaker has now tied all-time great Kipp Bedard for 14th on the Bronco career receiving list with 122 catches.

Ahead of those two great receivers, Kim Metcalf (1980-1984) with 126.

Martin Passes Jeremy Avery and Brock Forsey for 6th All-Time

Doug Martin ran for 151 yards in Boise State's 56-24 victory over Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl tonight.

The incredible senior running back finished the season with 1,299 yards, beating last season's total of 1,260.  Martin was able to pass two of the best in school history for yards in a season, Jeremy Avery (1,151 yards in 2009) and Brock Forsey (1,207 yards in 2001).

Moore Finds Miller for 21-0 Bronco Lead

Early second quarter.

Moore Hits Shoemaker for 14-0 Lead

Boise State QB Kellen Moore found a wide open Tyler Shoemaker in the end zone to give Boise State a 14-0 lead over Arizona State very early in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Doug Martin Sets Las Vegas Record 14 Seconds Into the Game

Doug Martin has returned the opening kickoff 102 yards for a touchdown, setting a Las Vegas Bowl record in putting Boise State up 7-0.  The longest previous return in the 20 years of bowl games was 51 yards.

"Big Al" Picks Arizona State

"Big Al" is a sports handicapper, one of the guys that people watch before placing bets.  He is saying to pick Arizona State with the points. 

He doesn't think Boise State will be motivated.  I am going out on a limb by saying he doesn't know this Boise State team.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dennis Erickson: "Kellen Moore Will Play A Long, Long Time in the NFL"

From Media Day at the Las Vegas Bowl:

Arizona State Coach Dennis Erickson, when asked about Kellen Moore--"The people that don't think he'll play in the NFL are crazy.  He'll play in that league and he'll play for a long, long time.  He's special."

DeMarcusLawrence to Join Boise State Next Year

Defensive End DeMarcus Lawrence has become the 16th player to commit to Boise State this season, Blue Football Through and Through has learned.

Lawrence, a 6-4, 250-pound junior college prospect from Butler County Community College in Kansas, has been getting raves from  He had 66 tackles, 27 for loss, with 10 sacks this season, earning Second-Team JC All-America status.  Lawrence excels at the speed rush--he has 4.6 speed!  Butler CC finished #2 in the final NJCAA poll. 

Lawrence visited Boise State over Thanksgiving weekend.  He is the second defensive lineman in the 2012 Boise State class, joining Elliott Hoyte from England.  Lawrence redshirted at Butler his first season, so he eligible to play three seasons for the Broncos.

Lawrence chose Boise State over several offers, including Clemson, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, Minnesota, Mississippi, Kansas State and South Florida.

Monday, December 19, 2011

BCS Bowl Ticket Sales Slumping

Given the poor choices of the BCS Bowls in selecting their teams, it shouldn't come as a surprise that ticket sales to said bowls are not doing well.  You can find a ticket to the Orange Bowl on StubHub for $2, and tickets to the Fiesta and Sugar Bowls for $27 and $39 respectively.  I suspect the television ratings will be abysmal. especially for the Sugar which doesn't even contain a Top 10 team or a conference champion.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boise State Senior Class of 2011 Tied for Most Wins by a Senior Class Since the 19th Century

The Legendary Boise State Class of 2011 is tied for the most wins by a senior class since the 19th century.  A win over Arizona State will put this Bronco class in a class by themselves.

Heading into the Las Vegas Bowl Thursday night, Boise State has compiled a 49-3 record over the last four years.  50 is indeed a magic number of historical significance.  As of right now, the Legendary Boise State Class of 2011 is tied with Nebraska (49-2 from 1994-1997) and the Boise State class of 2009 (49-4) for the most wins by a senior class since 1900.  To find a senior class this good, you have to go back to, yes, the legendary Pennsylvania class of 1898, which was 55-2.

That is something to shoot for if you're a member of this Boise State team.  

The top senior classes of the last two centuries plus are ranked below:

1.    Nebraska (1994-1997)........49-2
2.    Boise State (2008-2011).....49-3
3.    Boise State (2006-2009).....49-4
4.    USC (2003-2006)...............48-4
4.    USC (2002-2005)...............48-4
6.    Boise State (2007-2010).....48-5
7.    Oklahoma (2000-2003).......48-6
8.    Florida (2006-2009)............48-7
9.    Nebraska (1993-1996)........47-3
10.  USC (2004-2007)................47-5

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who Wants It More?

There aren’t many teams in the country that can stay with Boise State in a high-scoring game.  Arizona State is one of them.

The Wildcats are right behind Boise State in passing, ranking 11th in the country with 310.17 yards per game.  Brock Osweiler is 296-469 (63.1%) for 3,641 yards and 24 touchdowns vs. 12 interceptions.  He throws for 7.76 yards per attempt, indicating he loves the short passes and will nickel and dime you, lull you to sleep, and then lob a bomb for a touchdown.  Osweiler can also get four yards a carry when he runs with the ball.  For comparison, Osweiler ranks seventh among opposing quarterbacks that Boise State will have faced in passing efficiency, behind #7 Casey Pachall of TCU, #15 Austin Dantin of Toledo, #24 Tyler Lantrip of Nevada, #25 G.J. Kinne of Tulsa, #27 Aaron Murray of Georgia and #31 Derek Carr of Fresno State.

Osweiler was 24-32 for 353 yards in a 37-30 win against Missouri in overtime.  Illinois beat them 17-14 in Champaign.  Cameron Marshall scored three touchdowns in a shocking 43-22 win over USC, one of only two on the season for the Trojans.  Osweiler went 25-32 for 223 yards against the Men from Troy.  ASU played Oregon close at home until the Ducks began to pull away in the third quarter for a 41-27 victory.  Then, the road woes began as Arizona State lost first to UCLA 29-28 when they missed a field goal in the closing seconds and then to Washington State 37-27.  ASU also lost a 31-27 heartbreaker at home to Arizona and then fell to Cal 47-38 in the regular season finale.

Like the Broncos, they have two amazing receivers with great size.  Gerell Robinson (64 for 1,156 yards (18.06 yards per catch) and six touchdowns) is the deep threat while Jamal Miles has 60 catches for 361 yards (6.02) and six TD receptions.  Boise State will want to play tight on Miles and look for Robinson to go deep.  Aaron Pflugrad (40 catches for 620 yards and five touchdowns) and Mike Willie (36-455 and three scores) are the other main threats in the passing game.
ASU can put the ball in the end zone often and that is where they match up well against Boise State—they score 33.92 points a game which is 25th in the country.

ASU features a spread offense so they don’t run as much as they throw.  The Wildcats are 78th nationally with 140.75 yards in rushing.   Still, Marshall ran for 1,038 yards and 18 touchdowns.  That’s slightly behind Doug Martin of Boise State in yards but more trips to the end zone, which tells us that Marshall can get the tough yards near the goal line.  Marshall is also a threat in the passing game with 23 receptions.  Arizona State has an experienced offensive line, but still allowed six tackles for loss per game (73rd in the country) and two sacks per game (64th). 

Defensively, Arizona State is much better at getting to the quarterback than Boise State is, ranking 43rd in sacks to 79th for the Broncos.  Their run defense is good; they allow 148 yards per game.  Boise State rushes for 172.75, so that shouldn’t hurt much.  Still, the Broncos must be able to be effective with the ground game to take pressure off of Kellen Moore.  Arizona State features great linebacker play, among the best in the Pac-12.  Vontaze Burfict tops the team with 68 tackles, including seven for loss, and five sacks.  He also has an interception that he returned for 36 yards and four pass deflections.  Colin Parker is right behind Burfict with 67 tackles, six behind the line.  Oliver Aaron has 52 stops with seven behind the line.  Shelly Lyons has 48 tackles, five behind the line, with two interceptions, one he returned for a TD, and five pass deflections.

The weakness of ASU is their pass defense—they were just 107th in the country in the regular season, allowing 270.92 yards a game and they’ll be going against one of the best of all-time in Moore.  Boise State, meanwhile, is 25th, allowing 195.50 yards a game against the pass-happy Mountain West Conference.  Coach Dennis Erickson’s team has the luxury of having two seniors back at safety—Clint Floyd has 62 tackles, six pass deflections and three interceptions while Eddie Elder is the leader of the Arizona State secondary with 63 tackles, five pass deflections and an interception.  One thing that the Devil defense has going for it is its ball-hawing; they are 13th in the country with 29 turnovers gained, the majority from stripping the ball away, so Boise State backs and receivers will have to wary of that and protect the football with both hands.   Parker has four forced fumbles to lead Arizona State, but Clint Floyd, Oliver Aaron and Shelly Lyons have two each as well.

Overall, Arizona State allows 26.33 points a game to Boise State’s 18.25 points.  Arizona State features 13 seniors in the starting lineup.  They know the system and are dialed in.  Miles is dangerous on special teams, averaging 26.3 yards on kickoffs, including two for touchdowns, and 16.6 yards a punt return, helped by one he took all the way to the end zone, and 26.

The winner of bowl games is often the team that is happiest to be there.  We know ASU at 6-7 is happy to be there—the million dollar question is:  How happy is Boise State to be playing in the Vegas Bowl?

Friday, December 16, 2011

How well do you know your Bronco offensive linemen?  You know, the guys who do all the work so that the backs and receivers can get the glory?  Below are five great Bronco linemen.  Match them up to the position they started and the year they started at that position:

Player                                    Position                                         Year
Matt Hill                                      RT                                              1989
Pat McDade                              LG                                              2001
Alex Toyos                                 LT                                               1984
John Kilgo                                    C                                               2005
Tad Miller                                   RG                                              1994

(Click on Read More to find the answers.)

Nate Potter of Boise State is a Consensus All-American

Boise State senior tackle Nate Potter became the second Bronco to earn Consensus All-America status, as the standout was named All-American by The Sporting News.

To earn consensus All-America honors, a student-athlete must be named to at least three of the NCAA’s five recognized teams: the American Football Coaches Association, the Associated Press, the Football Writers Association of America, The Sporting News and the Walter Camp Football Foundation.

Potter earned first-team honors from The Sporting News and the FWAA, while garnering second-team accolades from the AP and Walter Camp.

Monday, December 12, 2011

All Four Boise State Starting Defensive Linemen Have Made Their Mark

All four Boise State starting defensive linemen are now ranked in the Top 60 in school history for tackles by a lineman.  Shea McClellin (126) passed Billy Winn (124) in the New Mexico game, while Chase Baker has 97 and Tyrone Crawford 74.

Career Tackles By a Lineman
1.    Doug Scott (325) 1976-1979
2.    Randy Trautman (285) 1978-1981
3.   Pete Kwiatkowski (261) 1984-1987
4.    Erik Helgeson (223) 1987-1990
5.   Glenn Simonton (220) 1981-1984 
6.   Marcus Koch (213) 1982-1985
7.   Michel Bourgeau (190) 1980-1983
8.    Shawn Anderson (183) 1988-1991
9.    Chris Wing (176) 1994-1996
10.  Greg Sasser (175) 1998-2001
11.  Chris Malmgren(173) 1976-1977
12.  Chris Shepherd (172) 1990-1992, 1994
13.  Sione Fifita (171) 1993-1996
14.  Ryan Winterswyk (167) 2007-2010
15.  Louis Ray (165) 1988-1991
16.  Pete Poumele (164) 1974-1975
17.  Lance Sellers (148) 1983-1986
17.  Mike Greever (148) 1968, 1971-1972
19.  Mark Goodman (147) 1971-1973
20.  Rex Walters (145) 1985-1986
21.  Mike Johnson (140) 1982-1985
21.  Blessing Bird (137) 1971-1973
23.  Jon Rydman (133) 1996-1999
24.  Andrew Browning (132) 2003-2006
24.  Joe O'Brien (132) 1993-1994
26.  Todd Gilkey (128) 1988-1991
27.  Shea McClellin (126) 2008-current
28.  Billy Winn (124) 2008-current
29.  Durelle Goodloe (120) 1989-1992
30.  Jeff Caves (119) 1980-1983
31.  Travis Thompson (117) 1994-1995
32.  Saia Misa, Jr. (116) 1974-1975
33.  Vince Mendiola (114) 1975-1977
34.  Doug Borah (108) 1970-1972
35.  Bobby Hammer (107) 1999-2002
35.  Mark Wulff (107) 1982-1985
37.  Mark Humphries (106) 1974-1975
38.  Alex Guerrero (105) 2002-2005
38.  Nick Schlekeway (105) 2004-2007
40.  Mike G. Williams (100) 2003-2006
41.  Dane Oldham (98) 2000-2003
42.  Chase Baker (97) 2008-current
43.  Chico Mills (96) 1973-1974
44.   Ivan Rounds (91) 1977
45.  Mike Maloy (90) 1996-1999
45.  Bobby Setzer (90) 1997-1998
45.  Greg Sabala (90) 1990-1993
48.  Pete Skow (88) 1968-1971
48.  Mike T. Williams (88) 2003-2006
50.  Ron Franklin (81) 1973-1974
51.  Puni Alefaio (79) 1992-1993
52.  Willie Tufono (78) 1978-1979
53.  Vince Mendiola (77) 1975-1977
54.  Tyrone Crawford (74) 2010-current
55.  Paul Allen (67) 2000-2003
56.  Julius Roberts (65) 2001-2004
57.  Mark Duncan (64) 1971-1973
58.  Lawrence Hines (63) 1987-1988
59.  John Rade (62) 1981-1982
60.  Rick Gore (59) 1986-1987
61.  Jeff Hunt (57) 1986-1987

3,000-yard passer (check), 1,000-yard rusher (check), Shoemaker needs 41 yards

Tyler Shoemaker of Boise State needs 41 receiving yards against Arizona State for the 2011 Broncos to join elite company and become the fifth team in school history to produce a 3,000-yard passer, a 1,000-yard rusher and a 1,000-yard receiver.

Shoemaker has 959 yards this season, most on the Boise State team.  Kellen Moore has 3,507 passing yards this season and Doug Martin has 1,148 rushing yards so the first two requirements have been met.  

Also, the odds are against it, but if Moore is able to pass for 493 yards in the bowl game, it would be just the second time in school history that a team included a 4,000-yard passer, a 1,000-yard rusher and a 1,000-yard receiver.  Ryan Dinwiddie (4,356 passing yards), David Mikell (1,142 rushing yards) and Tim Gilligan (1,192 receiving yards) are the only trio in Boise State history to ever accomplish the feat.

A 3,000-Yard Passer, a 1,000-Yard Rusher & a 1,000-Yard Receiver:
2003--Ryan Dinwiddie (4,356), David Mikell (1,142) & Tim Gilligan (1,192)
2007--Taylor Tharp (3,340), Ian Johnson (1,041) & Jeremy Childs (1,045)
2009--Kellen Moore (3,536), Jeremy Avery (1,151) & Titus Young (1,041)
2010--Kellen Moore (3,845), Doug Martin (1,260) & Titus Young (1,215)

A 4,000-Yard Passer, a 1,000-Yard Rusher & a 1,000-Yard Receiver:
2003--Ryan Dinwiddie (4,356), David Mikell (1,142) & Tim Gilligan (1,192)

School Record on the Line

I just posted that Tyler Shoemaker and Matt Miller have a chance to finish the year as the #3 duo in school history for a single season in receptions.  Bringing in Mitch Burroughs, here's one where we could see a school record set if Tyler, Matt and Mitch all have good games against Arizona State.

With one game to play, those three have an incredible 162 catches between them.  That already stands fourth in Boise State history.  The trio is just 12 catches behind the total that Titus Young, Austin Pettis and Shoemaker put up last season (174).  I will make sure that the local media is notified of this but that is something to watch for December 22.

Most Catches by a Trio
(the top three receivers)

1.    Titus Young, Austin Pettis & Tyler Shoemaker (174) 2010
2.    Titus Young, Austin Pettis & Kyle Efaw (173) 2009
3.    Jeremy Childs, Austin Pettis & Titus Young (172) 2007
4.    Matt Miller, Tyler Shoemaker & Mitch Burroughs (162) 2011
5.    Jeremy Childs, Austin Pettis & Vinny Perretta (157) 2008
6.    Mike Wilson, Sheldon Forehand and Dave Deitz (151) 1992
7.    Tim Gilligan, T.J. Acree & Jerry Smith (150) 2003
8.    Billy Wingfield, Lou Fanucchi & Brock Forsey (136) 2002
9.    Ryan Ikebe, K.C. Adams & Jarret Hausske (133) 1994
10.   Mike Holton, John Crabtree & John Smith (129) 1974
       Winky White, Ricky Hill & Terry Heffner (129) 1989
12. Jay Swillie, Jeb Putzier & Brock Forsey (127) 2001
       Sheldon Forehand, Mike Wilson & Larry Stayner (127) 1991
14.  T.J. Acree, Drisan James & Lawrence Bady (125) 2004
       Eric Andrade, Chris Jackson & Jeff Lindsley (125) 1987
       Don Hutt, Al Marshall & Billy Stephens (125) 1972
17.  Del Graven, Mike Wilson & Ryan Ikebe (121) 1993
        Don Hutt, Al Marshall & Pat Riley (121) 1971
19.  Don Hutt, Dick Donohoe & Terry Hutt (120) 1973
20.  Rodney Smith, Corey Nelson & Antwain Wilson (117) 1998
21.  Ryan Ikebe, Andre Horace & Reggie Etheridge (115) 1996
22.  John Smith, Mike Holton & John Crabtree (113) 1975
23.  Kipp Bedard, Ron Harvey & Duane Dlouhy (112) 1981
24.  Lou Fanucchi, Jeb Putzier & Jay Swillie (108) 2000
       Jerard Rabb, Drisan James & Legedu Naanee (108) 2006
26.  Terry Hutt, Mike Holton & Fred Goode (107) 1976
       Kim Metcalf, Jon Francis & Tony Hunter (107) 1984
28.  Jerard Rabb, Legedu Naanee & Drisan James (106) 2005
29.  Mike Richmond, Ryan Ikebe & Bernie Zimmerman (102) 1995
       Terry Hutt, Lonnie Hughes & Steve Woodard (102) 1977
31.  Winky White, Chris Thomas & Terry Heffner (99) 1990
        Rodney Smith, Tony Mammaril & Corey Nelson (99) 1997      

Dual Strength

Boise State senior receiver Tyler Shoemaker and freshman Matt Miller have become a powerful 1-2 punch in the Bronco offense.  With one game remaining, the two have 117 catches between them.  That is #7 in Boise State history and with solid games against Arizona State, they have a chance to finish third behind only the combination of Titus Young and Austin Pettis in 2009 and 2010.

Most Catches by a Duo
(the top two receivers)

1.    Titus Young & Austin Pettis (142) 2009
       Titus Young & Austin Pettis (142) 2010
3.    Jeremy Childs & Austin Pettis (128) 2007
4.    Jeremy Childs & Austin Pettis (121) 2008
5.    Mike Wilson & Sheldon Forehand (119) 1992
6.    Tim Gilligan & T.J. Acree (118) 2003
7.    Matt Miller & Tyler Shoemaker (117) 2011
8.    Don Hutt & Al Marshall (113) 1972
9.    Don Hutt & Al Marshall (108) 1971
10.  Mike Holton & John Crabtree (104) 1974
11.  Eric Andrade & Chris Jackson (102) 1987
12.  Billy Wingfield & Lou Fanucchi (100) 2002
13.  Del Graven & Mike Wilson (96) 1993
       Don Hutt & Dick Donohoe (96) 1973
15.  T.J. Acree & Drisan James (95) 2004
       Winky White & Ricky Hill (95) 1989
17.  Jay Swillie & Jeb Putzier (92) 2001
       Terry Hutt & Lonnie Hughes (92) 1977
19.  Ryan Ikebe & Andre Horace (90) 1996
        Sheldon Forehand & Mike Wilson (90) 1991
21.  Rodney Smith & Corey Nelson (87) 1998
22.  Kipp Bedard & Ron Harvey (86) 1981
       Rodney Smith & Tony Mammaril (86) 1997
       John Smith & Mike Holton (86) 1975
25.  Ryan Ikebe & K.C. Adams (83) 1994
26.  Kim Metcalf and Jon Francis (81) 1984
27.  Mike Richmond & Ryan Ikebe (80) 1995
28.  Lou Fanucchi & Jeb Putzier (75) 2000
29.  Terry Hutt & Mike Holton/Fred Goode (73) 1976
30.  Jerard Rabb & Drisan James (73) 2006
31.  Jerard Rabb & Legedu Naanee/Drisan James (72) 2005
32.  Winky White & Chris Thomas (71) 1990  
33.  Jeb Putzier & Dave Stachelski (70) 1999

Ryan Dinwiddie + Jim McMillan = Kellen Moore

When Bart Hendricks graduated from Boise State in 2000, many people said Boise State was through; they'd never get another quarterback like Hendricks.  Ryan Dinwiddie took over in 2001 and set the NCAA record for career passing efficiency when he was done in 2003.  Wow, what a quarterback, the pundits said, but Boise State was pretty much through when he left.  Jared Zabransky took over for Dinwiddie in 2004, and led Boise State to unbeaten regular seasons in 2004 and 2006 and a BCS Bowl victory over Oklahoma in January of 2007 in what is far and away the best college football game of all-time.

But that was Boise State's big moment in the sun, said experts.  With the success the Broncos had enjoyed from 1999-2006, their best days were behind them.  Kellen Moore took over as a freshman in 2008, and all he has done is become the NCAA leader in career wins by a starting quarterback, lead Boise State to a record of 49-3, become one of only three winners of the nation's best quarterback by the Touchdown Club of Columbus to win it two different times, and set a host of school and NCAA records.

Moore is in the Top 5 in NCAA history with 14,374 yards.  That total is far and away a school record.  If you look at the top quarterbacks in school history, it takes Dinwiddie (9,819) and McMillan (5,508) to top Moore.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Titus Young of Boise State with Another Touchdown Catch

Former Bronco great Titus Young caught four passes for 87 yards today, including a 57-yarder for a touchdown that helped Detroit beat Minnesota 34-28.  Young now has 35 catches for 527 yards and three scores in his rookie season.  The Lions are 8-5 on the year.

Boise State Receiver Matt Miller Named to Second Team Freshman All-America by Rivals

Boise State wide receiver Matt Miller has been named to the Freshman All-America Second Team by  He should be on the first team.  With so much talent around him, he didn't accumulate the statistics of others in the country but when you produce a list such as this, you have to be able to recognize ability.

QBTeddy BridgewaterLouisville; 6-3/195; Miami Northwestern
Bridgewater's first start was a loss to Marshall. But he improved as the season went along, and Louisville went 5-2 and captured a share of the Big East title with him at quarterback. Bridgewater completed 67.1 percent of his passes for 1,341 yards and eight touchdowns in seven Big East games. rating as recruit: 
RBGio Bernard*, North Carolina; 5-10/205; Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas
North Carolina once went 12 consecutive seasons (1973-84) with a 1,000-yard rusher. But after a long drought, Bernard brought the four-digit rusher back to Chapel Hill, becoming the first to hit that milestone for the Tar Heels since 1997. Bernard has rushed for 1,222 yards and is second in the ACC with 13 rushing touchdowns. rating as recruit: 
RBIsaiah CrowellGeorgia; 5-11/215; Columbus (Ga.) Carver
Off-field issues cost him two games late this season and injuries were an issue, too, as Crowell had only 36 carries in his last five games. His talent, though, is apparent. Crowell rushed for 837 yards and had 100-yard efforts against South CarolinaOle MissMississippi State and Auburn. rating as recruit: 
WRMarqise Lee, USC; 6-0/190; Gardena (Calif.) Serra
With Lee and former high school teammate Robert Woods, USC had perhaps the most productive receiver duo in the nation at the end of the season – and both will be back in 2012. Lee caught 73 passes for 1,142 yards with 11 touchdowns, and he also returned a kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown against Washington. In USC's final two games, Lee caught 21 passes for 411 yards and three touchdowns. He caught at least seven passes in each of the final five games. rating as recruit: 
WRDe'Anthony Thomas, Oregon; 5-9/173; Los Angeles Crenshaw
Thomas' season started poorly, as he lost two fumbles against LSU. But he more than made up for it, and was a big-play threat every time he touched the ball. He has caught 42 passes for 571 yards and nine touchdowns, and rushed for 440 yards and five scores. rating as recruit: 
WRSammy Watkins, Clemson; 6-1/200; South Fort Myers (Fla.) High
Injuries were about the only thing that could slow Watkins. He has caught 77 passes for 1,153 yards and 11 touchdowns, and capped the regular season with 80 reception yards and a touchdown in the ACC championship game as Clemson won its first league title since 1991. rating as recruit: 
TJosh CochranTexas; 6-6/285; Hallsville (Texas) High
Cochran became the starter at left tackle midway through the season for the Longhorns, beating out fifth-year senior Trae Allen. Cochran, who admits to a fondness for Taylor Swift's music, also played basketball and threw the shot put in high school. rating as recruit: 
TCameron Fleming*, Stanford; 6-6/307; Houston Cypress Creek
Fleming beat out fifth-year senior Tyler Mabry for the starting job at right tackle. He is a physical run blocker but also has done a nice job holding the edge for the Cardinal offense. rating as recruit: 
GGreg Mancz*, Toledo; 6-5/280; Cincinnati Anderson
Mancz entered fall drills atop the depth chart at center, but slid over to play guard and has started every game this season for the high-powered Rockets. Toledo leads the MAC and is eighth nationally in total offense, and 14th nationally in rush offense. rating as recruit: 
GDavid Yankey*, Stanford; 6-5/300; Roswell (Ga.) Centennial
Yankey arrived at Stanford as a tackle, but moved inside this summer and started every game at left guard. While he has benefited from playing next to All-America T Jonathan Martin, Yankey's physical nature has helped Stanford's rushing attack. rating as recruit: 
CB.J. Finney*, Kansas State; 6-4/297; Andale (Kan.) High
Finney, a pre-med major, became the starter in the second game of the season for the Wildcats, who have one of the most effective rushing offenses in the Big 12. He is a former walk-on from a town of fewer than 1,000 people near Wichita. rating as recruit: 
EJadeveon Clowney, South Carolina; 6-6/254; Rock Hill (S.C.) South Pointe
The No. 1 overall prospect in the 2011 recruiting class, Clowney lived up to the hype. He has made 32 tackles and ranks ninth in the SEC with six sacks. He is the only freshman to rank in the top 20 in that category. Clowney also has forced five fumbles. He had two sacks each in victories over Georgia and Vanderbilt. rating as recruit: 
TTim Jernigan, Florida State; 6-3/297; Lake City (Fla.) Columbia
Although he isn't a starter, Jernigan emerged as a vital part of a deep line rotation that has helped Florida State rank second nationally in run defense and fifth in tackles for loss. Jernigan has 28 tackles – six for loss – and 2.5 sacks. He had two tackles for loss and a fumble recovery in a shutout of North Carolina State. rating as recruit: 
EScott Crichton*, Oregon State; 6-3/258; Tacoma (Wash.) Henry Foss
Crichton started at end all season and set a school single-season record with five forced fumbles. He also had 14.5 tackles for loss, a figure that ranked second in the Pac-12. Crichton finished with 74 overall tackles – an unusually high number for a lineman – and a team-leading six sacks. rating as recruit: 
LBDion Bailey*, USC; 6-0/200; Lakewood (Calif.) High
Bailey arrived at USC as a touted safety, but moved to linebacker this spring and emerged as a playmaker. While his lack of bulk can be a hindrance, he has excellent speed for the position and can hit, as well. He tied for the team lead with 81 tackles. rating as recruit:  (as a safety)
LBA.J. JohnsonTennessee; 6-3/245; Gainesville (Ga.) High
Johnson started 10 games for the Vols, who were in dire need of linebackers this season. He leads all SEC freshmen with 80 tackles and provided a physical presence at the position for Tennessee. He made 11 tackles against LSU, 12 against South Carolina and 13 against Alabama. rating as recruit: 
LBDenzel Perryman, Miami; 6-0/217; Coral Gables (Fla.) High
Perryman's relative lack of size scared off some recruiters, but UM coaches looked at Perryman and saw some Jonathan Vilma in him. (Both attended Coral Gables High.) He was second on the team with 69 tackles, a figure that led all ACC freshmen. He had 14 tackles against Boston College. rating as recruit: 
LBYawin Smallwood*, UConn; 6-2/229; Worcester (Mass.) Doherty
UConn has produced a number of productive linebackers in recent seasons, and Smallwood is the latest off the Huskies' linebacker assembly line. UConn is fourth nationally in rush defense, and Smallwood's production – 94 tackles – is a big reason. He made at least seven tackles in 10 games, and his least-productive outing was a five-tackle performance in a win over USF. rating as recruit: 
CBQuandre Diggs, Texas; 5-10/200; Angleton (Texas) High
Diggs is a key part of a promising young Texas secondary. He has 45 tackles, a team-high three interceptions and 11 pass breakups. Diggs picked off passes against BYU, Kansas and Texas A&M. He also has returned punts and kickoffs. rating as recruit: 
CBMerrill Noel*, Wake Forest; 5-10/180; Pahokee (Fla.) High
Noel has 19 pass breakups this season and is tied for the FBS lead in passes defended with 1.67 per game. He had an interception and three pass breakups in Wake Forest's 35-30 upset of Florida State, thee school to which he originally committed. He broke up 13 passes in a four-game stretch against Boston College, FSU, Virginia Tech and Duke. rating as recruit: 
STevin McDonald*, UCLA; 6-0/195; Fresno (Calif.) Edison
His older brother, T.J., plays for USC, and his father, Tim, starred for the Trojans as well, but this McDonald has made a name for himself across town. McDonald moved into the starting lineup in the first few weeks of the season and never left. He picked off three passes in a 31-14 victory over California. McDonald also has 52 tackles and seven pass breakups. rating as recruit: 
SIbraheim Campbell*, Northwestern; 5-11/205; Philadelphia Chestnut Hill Academy
Campbell leads the Wildcats with 89 tackles. He had 13 tackles – one for loss – in Northwestern's 28-25 upset of Nebraska. Campbell also had two interceptions in a loss to Michigan. He made at least seven tackles in each of Northwestern's final five regular-season games. rating as recruit: 
KMichael Hunnicutt*, Oklahoma; 5-9/169; Richardson (Texas) Pearce
Hunnicutt stepped in for an injured Jimmy Stevens and arguably outperformed his predecessor. Hunnicutt was 20-of-23 on field-goal attempts, including 4-of-4 on attempts of longer than 40 yards. He became the first Oklahoma kicker to kick four field goals in a game twice in a season (Kansas, Iowa State). rating as recruit: 
PBrad Wing*, LSU; 6-3/184; Baton Rouge (La.) Parkview Baptist
With Wing's leg and a ferocious defense, the Tigers almost always won the field-position battle. Wing averaged 44.1 yards per punt. Nearly half (23 of 50) of his punts landed inside the 20, and 18 went for at least 50 yards. rating as recruit: 
KRDe'Anthony Thomas, Oregon; 5-9/173; Los Angeles Crenshaw
In addition to his offensive production, Thomas led the Pac-12 in kickoff-return average at 27.7 yards per return. He returned kickoffs for touchdowns against Washington State and USC. rating as recruit: 
PRAmeer Abdullah, Nebraska; 5-9/180; Homewood (Ala.) High
Abdullah was 10th nationally in kickoff returns, and he also had a modicum of success as a punt returner, averaging almost 8.0 yards per return. rating as recruit: 
QBBrett Smith, Wyoming; 6-3/195; Salem (Ore.) West Salem rating as recruit: 
RBMalcolm Brown, Texas; 6-0/213; Cibolo (Texas) High rating as recruit: 
RBLyle McCombs*, Connecticut; 5-8/172; Staten Island (N.Y.) St. Joseph by the Sea rating as recruit: 
WRMatt Miller, Boise State; 6-3/213, redshirt freshman; Helena (Mont.) Capital rating as recruit: 
WRJaxon Shipley, Texas; 6-1/190; Brownwood (Texas) High rating as recruit: 
TEAustin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington; 6-6/258; Gig Harbor (Wash.) High rating as recruit: 
TQuinterrius Eatmon*, USF; 6-6/304; Prichard (Ala.) Vigor rating as recruit: 
TKaleb Johnson, Rutgers; 6-4/298; Jacksonville Ed White rating as recruit: 
GA.J. Cann*, South Carolina; 6-3/299; Bamberg (S.C.) Bamberg-Ehrhardt rating as recruit: 
GCedric Ogbuehi*, Texas A&M; 6-5/292; Allen (Texas) High rating as recruit: 
CDominic Espinosa*, Texas; 6-4/298; Cedar Park (Texas) High rating as recruit: 
EMarcus Rush*, Michigan State; 6-2/250; Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller rating as recruit: 
TAndre Monroe*, Maryland; 6-0/275; Washington (D.C.) St. John's College High rating as recruit: 
TDavid Johnson*, TCU; 6-2/270; Argyle (Texas) High rating as recruit: 
EAnthony Chickillo, Miami; 6-4/248; Tampa Alonso rating as recruit: 
LBJeremy Grove*, ECU; 6-1/230; Frederick (Md.) Gov. Thomas Johnson rating as recruit: 
LBJake Ryan*, Michigan; 6-3/230; Cleveland St. Ignatius rating as recruit: 
LBHayes Pullard*, USC; 6-0/225; Los Angeles Crenshaw rating as recruit: 
CBDemetrious Nicholson, Virginia; 5-11/165; Virginia Beach (Va.) Bayside rating as recruit: 
CBBradley Roby*, Ohio State; 5-11/185; Suwanee (Ga.) Peachtree Ridge rating as recruit: 
SEric Rowe, Utah; 6-1/185; Spring (Texas) Klein rating as recruit: 
SBrian Randolph, Tennessee; 6-0/190; Marietta (Ga.) Kell rating as recruit: 
KAndre Hedari, USC; 5-10/210; Bakersfield (Calif.) Stockdale rating as recruit: 
PDarragh O'Neill*, Colorado; 6-2/180; Boulder (Colo.) Fairview rating as recruit: Unranked; didn't play high school football
KRTyler Lockett, Kansas State; 5-11/170; Tulsa (Okla.) B.T. Washington rating as recruit: 
PRScott Harding, Hawaii; 5-11/195, true freshman; Brisbane (Australia) Anglican Church Grammar School rating as recruit: Unranked; didn't play high school football