Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today Is the Day

I know there have been 14 gazillion announcements that the Big East was prepared to invite Boise State.  We reported over a month ago that Boise State was officially a member but had to work out details.

Apparently, those details have been worked out and if you believe members of the media where you didn't before, there will be a press conference today to announce the deal.  If you followed the shenanigans Sunday night in the bowl allocations, you realize that this is a necessary move for Boise State.  The Pac-12 refused them, the Big 12 refused them, so right now, this is the best option for the school.  Not only can they not be passed up if they have one loss in 12 games, but if they do not play in a BCS Bowl, they must play in better intermediate bowls.

If the announcement does indeed occur today, we will have much more in the days to follow including introductions to the other schools in the Big East.

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