Monday, December 12, 2011

Ryan Dinwiddie + Jim McMillan = Kellen Moore

When Bart Hendricks graduated from Boise State in 2000, many people said Boise State was through; they'd never get another quarterback like Hendricks.  Ryan Dinwiddie took over in 2001 and set the NCAA record for career passing efficiency when he was done in 2003.  Wow, what a quarterback, the pundits said, but Boise State was pretty much through when he left.  Jared Zabransky took over for Dinwiddie in 2004, and led Boise State to unbeaten regular seasons in 2004 and 2006 and a BCS Bowl victory over Oklahoma in January of 2007 in what is far and away the best college football game of all-time.

But that was Boise State's big moment in the sun, said experts.  With the success the Broncos had enjoyed from 1999-2006, their best days were behind them.  Kellen Moore took over as a freshman in 2008, and all he has done is become the NCAA leader in career wins by a starting quarterback, lead Boise State to a record of 49-3, become one of only three winners of the nation's best quarterback by the Touchdown Club of Columbus to win it two different times, and set a host of school and NCAA records.

Moore is in the Top 5 in NCAA history with 14,374 yards.  That total is far and away a school record.  If you look at the top quarterbacks in school history, it takes Dinwiddie (9,819) and McMillan (5,508) to top Moore.  

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