Friday, December 16, 2011

How well do you know your Bronco offensive linemen?  You know, the guys who do all the work so that the backs and receivers can get the glory?  Below are five great Bronco linemen.  Match them up to the position they started and the year they started at that position:

Player                                    Position                                         Year
Matt Hill                                      RT                                              1989
Pat McDade                              LG                                              2001
Alex Toyos                                 LT                                               1984
John Kilgo                                    C                                               2005
Tad Miller                                   RG                                              1994

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C:  Pat McDade (1989)
RG:  Alex Toyos (1994)
RT:  Matt Hill (2001)
LG:  Tad Miller (2005)
LT:  John Kilgo (1984)

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