Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Four QB's Looking Good

We are just three practices into spring ball and all four Bronco quarterbacks look good. That's the word we are hearing from Boise State.  I see benefits to all of them and would feel comfortable with any of them starting.  We know the Senior Class of 2011 was amazing and fans should expect a drop-off, if only because the starters this year will likely be much younger than the teams they are facing.  If there isn't, great, but don't let the expectations game get you wanting too much.  In any case, 2-3 losses isn't the fault of the quarterback but just that the team is raw.  Remember that.

What we will see is more running from Boise State's quarterbacks than we have seen.  All four throw a good ball and are intelligent QB's.  Odds for the freshman are stacked against them, given that only one freshman has ever started at Boise State.  But that freshman is the one they are now replacing and went on to become one of the best college quarterbacks the game has ever seen.

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