Saturday, March 3, 2012

Boise State's 13-Year Record the Best Since 1904

Of all of Boise State's records, this may be the most impressive.  For the farther out you go, the more you take out all the "flashes in the pan".  A one-year record or five-year record is impressive, but could be the result of one or two star players or one very successful coach.  

But when you break your own school record of 140 wins in a 13-year period (1999-2011) by six wins, that's something that people have to stand up and take notice.  Then when you consider that the 13-year period featured not one but three head coaches, it makes it even more special.  Boise State not only broke their school record, but the modern record, and  the 13-year win total of 146 wins is the most since 1904.  When you consider all that, you realize that Boise State is not only the dominant team in college football but the most dominant team in a century.

Pennsylvania was the last team to enjoy that kind of success, and there really isn't anyone else close in the 106 years since.  Pennsylvania of the Ivy League was 146-20-6, slightly worse than Boise State's 146-22.

The all-time record is held by Yale, which went an incredible 156-8-5 from 1888-1900.  Pennsylvania is second with 155-24-2 from 1892-1904.  And Boise State is third.

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