Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boise State Extends Best College Football Winning Percentage

Boise State took over the all-time lead for the best winning percentage in the history of college football two years ago, and the Broncos aren't looking back.

As of now, sporting a 9-2 season record, Boise State is now 167-46, a sizzling winning percentage of 78.40%.  Michigan is the next-closest college football team with an overall record of 903-313-36 for a percentage of 73.56%.  

Notre Dame is in third with a percentage of 73.38% (864-300-42), Oklahoma has won 71.83% (829-309-53), while Texas stands at 71.69% (866-332-33), Ohio State is at 71.58% (836-316-53) and Alabama has won 71.17% of their games (824-321-43).

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