Friday, May 17, 2013

Athlon's 10 Greatest Broncos of All-Time

Like the bleacher report list of a few years back, Athlon doesn't list Brock Forsey and I have a problem with that.  To me, he epitomizes everything good about Boise State--he didn't earn a scholarship but was given the chance to walk on from Centennial High School.  Not only did he make the team, he began contributing immediately as a freshman, starred throughout his career, and led the nation in scoring his senior year.  Boise State prides themselves in being "blue-collar".  If you were to look up "blue-collar" in a dictionary, it would have a picture of Brock Forsey next to it.

Since Athlon went and published it, I'll have to do my own list and feel free to add yours to the "Comments" section.  Besides Forsey, other notable omissions are Daryn Colledge and Korey Hall.

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