Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Tab Coming Soon!

We're excited about a new batch of information we're going to unveil soon on Blue Football Through and Through.  Actually, it's not new information to those who have paid close attention over the years.

We are currently working on assembling a new Tab that will be featured on the website called "Boise State in the History Books".  The Tab will feature all of the lists and statistics that include Boise State as one of the historical players in college football. 

hen you're a current fan of college football, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and lose track of the big picture.  Boise State is obviously one of the major players in the sport and has been for quite some time--even this fact is grudgingly admitted by more and more people each year.  But it goes beyond that.  Boise State is not just one of the best in the nation at this time, but is making achievements of historic significance.  We have chronicled those for you as they happen, showing how Boise State is one of the most successful football programs in the history of college football.

The new "Boise State in the History Books" Tab will contain all of these achievements in one place, so you can always easily find them and refer to them.  Together, they represent monumental achievement since 1999.  Not only you check on these statistics and perhaps find ones you weren't aware of, you can easily pass this information on to friends, as well as fans of other schools.  The hope is that the local and national media can use this information for their research into Boise State.

There are dozens of categories in which Boise State has shown they are one of the most successful teams in history, and it will take us a few weeks to finish putting it together.  But it should be up for all to see by the end of the summer!

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