Saturday, December 7, 2013

This much we know...

At least coaches Kwiatkowski and Prince are going to UW with Petersen.  There is speculation about others, but I'll only talk about what is known.

As for the candidates and the time taken to announce a head coach, I can tell you that Athletic Director Mark Coyle is working hard to get the right hire.  I believe he had a short list in this eventuality, but he has received so many applications from quality people that he needs to exercise diligence to go through the process.  They want to be sure they get this right.

There were six top candidates:  Bob Gregory, Bryan Harsin, Dirk Koetter and Justin Wilcox were four of them.  I believe Kwiatkowski may have been another and has been ruled out, but I am unsure about a sixth, although it could be Jeff Tedford.  However, as I said, there are numerous other high quality applicants.

Knowing what I know about Coyle and especially Bob Kustra, I expect an announcement Monday if not before.

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