Saturday, December 1, 2012

Boise State 2nd in the Modern Era and 4th in College Football History for 10-Win Seasons

With today's win over Nevada, Boise State became the second team in the modern era and 4th in history to win ten or more games in 10 out of 11 years.  

The only year in which Boise State did not win 10 or more games in the current stretch was 2005 when they were a disappointing 9-4.  The Broncos were 12-1 in 2002, 13-1 in 2003, 11-1 in 2004, 13-0 in 2006, 10-3 in 2007, 12-1 in 2008,12-1 in 2009 and 12-1 last season.  

Florida State is the only team in history to win 10 or more games in each year of a decade--the Seminoles did that in the 90's. The Seminoles, in fact, strung together 14 consecutive seasons of 10 wins (1987-2000).  

The only other college football teams to accomplish this amazing achievement are Pennsylvania and Princeton.  Penn won 10 games in 11 of 12 seasons from 1890-1901, with 1899 being the only year they didn't win at least 10.  Princeton won 11 of 12 from 1888-1899, with 1894 being the lone blemish during that streak.

Texas won 10 games in nine straight seasons from 2001-2009, ending that streak just last season.  Yale won 10 or more games from 1888-1896, a streak of nine consecutive years.  

Oklahoma won 10 or more games in nine out of 10 years (1971-1980) and won 10 games in eight out of nine years from 2000-2008.  The highly-successful Miami of Florida teams won 10 or more games in nine out of 10 years from 1983-1992.  Alabama had nine out of 10 years in which they won 10 or more from 1971-1980.  

Nebraska won 10 or more in all but one year from 1993-2001.  Harvard was able to win 10 or more in all but one year from 1886-1894.

USC won 10 or more games every year from 2002-2008 but could not put together a streak of eight out of nine.  Florida has had 12 seasons since 1991 of 10 or more wins but has never had more than seven out of eight.  For all of its storied tradition, Michigan has never been able to achieve a better streak than seven out of eight years (1971-1978).  Penn State’s best streak was six out of seven from 1968-1974.  

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