Saturday, December 1, 2012

Boise State 5th in Modern Era with 7 Straight 10-Win Seasons

The players returning for the Boise State football team were entrusted with the keys to the legacy and with a tradition that has stunned most of the college football world outside of Idaho.  Those players came through with another 10-win season, despite losing half of their seniors to the NFL, and despite the naysayers.

Boise State ranks sixth in the history of the sport for the most consecutive 10-win seasons.  The Broncos have won 10 or more every year since 2006.  Seven straight seasons, and probably not coincidentally, as long as Chris Petersen has been coaching the team.

Florida State holds the all-time record of 14 (1987-2000) that may never be broken.  Pennsylvania (1890-1898) and Texas are second with nine (2001-2009), and Virginia Tech had a shot to tie the Longhorns but came up short this season.  The Hokies won 10 or more every year from 2004-2011.  Miami of Florida put together eight in a row from 1985-1992, while USC won 10 or more from 2002-2008, and Yale had 10-win seasons from 1888-1894.  And now Boise State has tied those two historic schools.  Boise State has more current onsecutive 10-win seasons than every other school in the nation, including Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.  But the Sooners have accomplished something no other school has done--win 10 games in five consecutive seasons three different times.  

Interestingly enough, the 12 schools that are at the top of this list pretty represent most of the powerhouses in the history of college football.  Two teams notably absent from this group of consistent 10-game winners are Notre Dame and Penn State.  The best the Nittany Lions did was four seasons (1971-1974), while Notre Dame strung three 10-win seasons from 1991-1993.  This list pretty much sums up how great these 12 schools are.

1.    Florida State 14 (1987-2000)
2.    Texas 9 (2001-2009)
2.    Pennsylvania 9 (1890-1898)
4.    Miami of Florida 8 (1985-1992)
4.    Virginia Tech 8 (2004-2011)
6.    Boise State 7 (2006-2012)
6.    USC 7 (2002-2008)
6.    Yale 7 (1888-1894)
9.    Florida 6 (1993-1998)
9.    Princeton 6 1888-1893
11.  Alabama 5 (1971-1975)
11.  Michigan 5 (1901-1905)
11.  Nebraska 5 (1993-1997)
11.  Ohio State 5 (2006-2010)
11.  Oklahoma 5 (1954-1958)
11.  Oklahoma 5 (1971-1975)
11.  Oklahoma 5 (2000-2004)
11.  Princeton 5 (1895-1899)

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