Sunday, November 3, 2013

Florida State Advances to #2 in Blue Football Through and Through Top 25

The #1 factor in ranking teams is their Biggest Wins, losses are most damaging if they are to unranked teams.  This encourages teams to schedule other Top 25 teams.

This poll had UCLA and Auburn ranked before anyone else "in the know".  

Several teams took the week off, and the other thing you can glean from this week's poll is that the volatility evident in previous weeks is gone.  Two teams that this poll had highly ranked prior to losses (Clemson and Georgia) rebounded for big wins, with Georgia routing #23 Florida.  Florida State jumped to #2 on the basis of their big win; they now are the nation's second unbeaten team with two wins over ranked teams.  

The SEC has eight teams in the Top 25, while the Pac-12 has four.  Those are (by far) the top two conferences in the nation this year.

1-1.    Alabama (8-0) had a bye week, Biggest Win over #9 Texas A&M and #21 Mississippi
3-2.    Florida State (8-0) ripped #14 Miami of Florida 41-14, Biggest Wins over #12 Miami of Florida and #13 Clemson
2-3.    Oregon (8-0) was idle, Biggest Wins over #10 UCLA and Washington
3-4  Stanford (7-1) did not play, Biggest Wins over #10 UCLA, #18 Arizona State and Washington, Lost to Utah
6-5.  Auburn (8-1) beat Arkansas 35-17, Biggest Wins over #9 Texas A&M and #21 Mississippi, lost to #11 LSU
7-6.  Missouri (8-1) outclassed Tennessee 31-3, Biggest Wins over Florida and Georgia, Lost to #16 South Carolina
8-7.  Oklahoma (7-1) had a bye week, Biggest Wins over #15 Notre Dame and #24 Texas Tech, Lost to Texas
10-8.  Ohio State (9-0) blanked Purdue 56-0, Biggest Wins over Northwestern and Penn State
13-9.  Texas A&M (7-2) unleashed a 57-7 whipping of UTEP, Biggest Win over #21 Mississippi, Lost to #1 Alabama and #5 Auburn
9-10.  UCLA (6-2) downed Colorado 45-23, Biggest Wins over Nebraska and Utah, Lost to #3 Oregon and #4 Stanford
11-11.    LSU (7-2) was idle, Biggest Win over #5 Auburn, Lost to #21 Mississippi and Georgia
5-12.    Miami of Florida (7-1) was massacred by #2 Florida State 41-14, Biggest Win over Florida, Lost to #2 Florida State
14-13.  Clemson (8-1) whipped Virginia 59-10, Biggest Win over Georgia, Lost to #2 Florida State
21-14.  Michigan State (8-1) dominated #17 Michigan 29-6, Biggest Win over #17 Michigan, Lost to #15 Notre Dame
16-15.   Notre Dame (7-2) outlasted Navy 38-34, Biggest Wins over #14 Michigan State and #18 Michigan State, lost to #8 Oklahoma and #17 Michigan
17-16.    South Carolina (7-2) turned back Mississippi State 34-16, Biggest Wins over #6 Missouri and #23 UCF, Lost to Georgia and Tennessee
15-17.  Michigan (6-2) fell hard to #14 Michigan State 29-6, Biggest Win over #15 Notre Dame, Lost to #14 Michigan State and Penn State
18-18.  Arizona State (6-2) pummeled Washington State 55-21, Biggest Win over Washington, Lost to #4 Stanford and #15 Notre Dame
19-19.  Fresno State (8-0) put away Nevada 41-23, Biggest Win over Boise State 
20-20.  Baylor (7-0) did not play, Biggest Win over West Virginia
22-21.  Mississippi (5-3) was off this week, Biggest Win over #11 LSU, Lost to #3 Alabama, #5 Auburn and #9 Texas A&M
24-22.  UCF (6-1) did not play, Biggest Win over #25 Louisville, Lost to #16 South Carolina
---23.  Oklahoma State (7-1) ran over #24 Texas Tech 52-34, Biggest Win over #24 Texas Tech, Lost to West Virginia
12-24.  Texas Tech (7-2) lost its second straight, a 52-34 defeat at the hands of #23 Oklahoma State, Biggest Wins over TCU and West Virginia, Lost to #8 Oklahoma and #23 Oklahoma State
25-25.  Louisville (7-1) was idle, Biggest Win over Rutgers, Lost to #22 UCF

Dropped Out:  Florida

Also Considered:

Georgia (5-3) rebounded to beat #23 Florida on the road 23-20, Biggest Wins over #11 LSU and #16 South Carolina, Lost to #7 Missouri, #14 Clemson and Vanderbilt

BYU (6-2) was idle, Biggest Wins over Houston and Texas, Lost to Virginia and Utah

Northern Illinois (9-0) got by Massachusetts 63-19, Biggest Win over Iowa

Washington (5-3) did not play, Biggest Win over Boise State, Lost to #2 Oregon, #3 Stanford and #18 Arizona State

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