Sunday, November 10, 2013

Revealing Results Make it an Easy Top 25 to Rank

The #1 factor in ranking teams is their Biggest Wins, losses are most damaging if they are to unranked teams.  This encourages teams to schedule other Top 25 teams.

This poll had Clemson, UCLA and Auburn ranked before anyone else "in the know".  And, everyone now knows how solid those three teams are.  

Stanford made a statement with a home win over Oregon, paving the way for Florida State to have the advantage in playing for the mythical national title.  If Stanford didn't have such a bad loss, they would be at #2 ahead of an unbeaten Florida State because of some impressive wins.  Oklahoma not only was creamed by Baylor, which got their first big win, but the Sooners took a tumble after the two teams that they beat (Texas Tech and Notre Dame) both fell.  Oklahoma thus lost both their wins over ranked teams.  The reputation of the Big 10 was also hurt by games with Notre Dame, which was beaten by Pittsburgh.  Arizona State's loss to the Fighting Irish doesn't look good now either.  UCF and Louisville made big jumps because the teams ahead of them all either lost, or their schedule strength took a big hit. 

Unlike the polls, the Blue Football Through and Through Top 25 uses logic.  Mississippi must be ahead of LSU because both teams have the same record and the Rebels beat the Tigers.  Likewise, Georgia must be ahead of them, because the Bulldogs too beat LSU.  And if Georgia isn't ranked high, LSU can't be either.  Similarly, Texas must be ranked ahead of Oklahoma with 7-2 marks, the tiebreaker being a Longhorn rout over the Sooners.  The polls seem to forget the actual results.  We don't.

The SEC has eight teams in the Top 25, while the Pac-12 has four.  Those are (by far) the top two conferences in the nation this year.

1-1.    Alabama (9-0) had no problem with #16 LSU 38-17, Biggest Wins over #7 Texas A&M, #15 Mississippi and #24 LSU
2-2.    Florida State (9-0) whipped Wake Forest 59-3, Biggest Wins over #11 Clemson and #24 Miami of Florida
4-3.    Stanford (8-1) scored an impressive 26-20 win over #4 Oregon, Biggest Wins over #4 Oregon, #8 UCLA, #20 Arizona State and Washington, Lost to Utah
3-4.    Oregon (8-1) lost on the road to #3 Stanford 26-20, Biggest Wins over #8 UCLA and Washington, Lost to #3 Stanford
5-5.    Auburn (9-1) toppled Tennessee 48-23, Biggest Wins over #7 Texas A&M and #15 Mississippi, lost to #24 LSU
9-6.    Texas A&M (8-2) outscored Mississippi State 51-41, Biggest Win over #15 Mississippi, Lost to #1 Alabama and #5 Auburn
6-7.    Missouri (9-1) downed Kentucky 48-17, Biggest Win over #23 Georgia, Lost to #12 South Carolina
10-8.  UCLA (7-2) survived a late scare from Arizona to win 31-26, Biggest Wins over Nebraska, Arizona and Utah, Lost to #3 Oregon and #4 Stanford
20-9.  Baylor (8-0) scored their only impressive win of the year with a 41-12 drubbing of #19 Oklahoma, Biggest Win over #19 Oklahoma
7-10.    Ohio State (9-0) was idle, Biggest Win over #25 Wisconsin
13-11.  Clemson (8-1) did not play, Biggest Win over #23 Georgia, Lost to #2 Florida State
17-12.  South Carolina (7-2) did not play, Biggest Wins over #7 Missouri and #15 UCF, Lost to #23 Georgia and Tennessee
14-13.  Michigan State (8-1) did not play, Biggest Win over Michigan, Lost to Notre Dame
19-14.  Fresno State (9-0) came from behind to wallop Wyoming 48-10, Biggest Win over Boise State 
22-15.  UCF (7-1) held Houston down 19-14, Biggest Win over #20 Louisville, Lost to #13 South Carolina
21-16.  Mississippi (6-3) was victorious over Arkansas 34-24, Biggest Wins over #18 Texas and #24 LSU, Lost to #3 Alabama, #5 Auburn and #9 Texas A&M
25-17.  Louisville (8-1) defeated Connecticut 31-10, Biggest Win over Rutgers, Lost to #19 UCF
---18.    Texas (7-2) edged West Virginia 47-40, Biggest Win over #19 Oklahoma, Lost to #16 Mississippi and BYU
7-19.  Oklahoma (7-2) was creamed by #9 Baylor 41-12, Biggest Win over Texas Tech, Lost to #9 Baylor and #18 Texas
18-20.  Arizona State (7-2) came from behind to beat Utah 20-19, Biggest Wins over Washington and Utah, Lost to #3 Stanford and Notre Dame
23-21.  Oklahoma State (7-1) did not play, Biggest Win over Texas Tech, Lost to West Virginia
---22.  Northern Illinois (9-0) was idle, Biggest Win over Iowa
---23.    Georgia (6-3) had no problem with Appalachian State 45-6, Biggest Wins over #12 South Carolina and #24 LSU, Lost to #7 Missouri, #11 Clemson and Vanderbilt
11-24.    LSU (7-3) was nowhere near #1 Alabama, 38-17, Biggest Win over #5 Auburn, Lost to #1 Alabama, #16 Mississippi and #23 Georgia
---25.    Wisconsin (7-2) turned back BYU 27-17, Biggest Win over BYU,  Lost to #10 Ohio State and #18 Arizona State

Dropped Out:  Michigan and Miami of Florida

Also Considered:

Washington (6-3) blasted Colorado 59-7, Biggest Win over Boise State, Lost to #2 Oregon, #3 Stanford and #18 Arizona State

12-25.    Miami of Florida (7-2) was exposed by Virginia Tech 42-24, Biggest Win over Florida, Lost to #2 Florida State and Virginia Tech

Minnesota (8-2) downed Penn State 24-10, Biggest win over Nebraska, Lost to Michigan and Iowa

Nebraska (7-2) knocked off Michigan 17-13, Biggest Win over Michigan, Lost to #8 UCLA and Minnesota

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