Sunday, October 13, 2013

Clemson, Missouri Are Neck and Neck in Blue Football Through and Through Top 25

The #1 factor in ranking teams is their Biggest Wins, losses are most damaging if they are to unranked teams.  This encourages teams to schedule other Top 25 teams.

The first half of the season is volatile as teams sort it out on the field.  In the second half, movement is slowed as the teams are by now ranked about where they should be.

This poll had UCLA, Washington and Auburn ranked before anyone else "in the know".  The major polls all had Stanford ranked really high in the first week, even though they hadn't played a game.  They continued to rank them high despite the fact that they hadn't beaten a high-quality opponent.  Yesterday, we saw why that concept is ill-conceived. 

With Rutgers' loss yesterday, Fresno State's fate is now tied to Boise State, as their biggest win.  LSU dropped because their loss to Georgia looks worse with Georgia's loss to Missouri.  Oregon finally got a win to deserve a high ranking, and moved up to #3 as a result.  Missouri matched Clemson with the biggest win of the season (both over #6 Georgia).  Clemson is ranked higher by virtue of a tougher schedule thus far.  

The SEC has eight teams in the Top 25, while the Pac-12 has five.  Those are (by far) the top two conferences in the nation this year.

1-1.      Clemson (6-0) rebounded to stop Boston College 24-14, Biggest Win over #6 Georgia
---2.  Missouri (6-0) beat #6 Georgia 41-26, Biggest Win over #6 Georgia
2-3.    Alabama (6-0) creamed Kentucky 48-7, Biggest Win over #11 Texas A&M
11-4.    Oregon (6-0) ripped #15 Washington 45-24, Biggest Win over #15 Washington
6-5.    Miami of Florida (5-0) did not play, Biggest Win over #21 Florida
3-6.    Georgia (4-2) was whipped by #2 Missouri 41-26 , Biggest Wins over #7 LSU and, #19 South Carolina, Lost to #1 Clemson and #2 Missouri
3-7.    LSU (6-1) downed #22 Florida 17-6, Biggest Wins over #13 Auburn and #21 Florida, Lost to #6 Georgia
12-8.  UCLA (5-0) ran over California 37-10, Biggest Wins over Nebraska and Utah
9-9.  Ohio State (6-0) did not play, Biggest Win over Northwestern
5-10  Stanford (5-1) lost to Utah 27-21, Biggest Wins over #17 Washington and #22 Arizona State, Lost to Utah
15-11.  Texas A&M (4-1) nudged Mississippi 41-38, Biggest Win over Mississippi, Lost to #3 Alabama
10-12.  Texas Tech (6-0) got by Iowa State 42-35, Biggest Win over TCU
13-13.  Auburn (5-1) humiliated Western Carolina 62-3, Biggest Win over Mississippi, lost to #6 LSU
16-14.    Florida State (5-0) did not play, Biggest Win over Maryland
14-15.    Washington (4-2) lost at home to #4 Oregon 45-24, Biggest Wins over Arizona and Boise State, Lost to #10 Stanford
7-16.  Oklahoma (5-1) was pounded by BYU victim Texas 36-20, Biggest Win over #18 Notre Dame, Lost to Texas
8-17.  Michigan (5-1) lost to Penn State 43-40 in four overtimes, Biggest Win over #18 Notre Dame, Lost to Penn State
17-18.   Notre Dame (3-2) did not play, Biggest Wins over #23 Arizona State and #24 Michigan State, lost to #16 Oklahoma and #17 Michigan
18-19.    South Carolina (5-1) annihilated Arkansas 52-7, Biggest Win over UCF, Lost to #6 Georgia
19-20.  Louisville (6-0) scored a 24-10 win over Rutgers, Biggest Win over Rutgers
20-21.  Florida (4-2) lost to #7 LSU 17-6, Biggest Win over Tennessee, Lost to #5 Miami of Florida and #7 LSU
23--22.  Fresno State (5-0) did not play, Biggest Win over Boise State 
22-23.  Arizona State (4-2) humiliated the team the Pac-12 chose instead of Boise State, Colorado, 54-13, Biggest Win over Wisconsin, Lost to #10 Stanford and #18 Notre Dame
25-24.  Michigan State (5-1) bounced Indiana 42-28, Biggest Win over South Florida, Lost to #17 Notre Dame
---25.  Virginia Tech (6-1) outpointed Pittsburgh 19-9, Biggest Wins over Georgia Tech and East Carolina, Lost to #3 Alabama

Dropped Out:  Mississippi, Oklahoma State

Also Considered:
Baylor (5-0) got by Kansas State 35-25, Biggest Win over West Virginia
24---Oklahoma State (4-1) did not play, Biggest Win over Mississippi State, Lost to West Virginia
Oregon State (5-1) rocked Washington State 52-24, Biggest Win over Utah, Lost to Eastern Washington
UCF (4-1) did not play, Biggest Win over Penn State, Lost to #18 South Carolina
Wisconsin (4-2) Shocked Northwestern 35-6, Biggest Win over Northwestern, Lost to #9 Ohio State and #23 Arizona State
Utah (4-2) beat #10 Stanford 27-21, Biggest Wins over #10 Stanford and BYU, lost to #8 UCLA and Oregon State

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