Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Blue Through and Through College Football Top 25

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When you see polls with wild week-to-week swings, it generally means the voters are reacting to the latest results rather than thinking through the process.  If they have the rankings right, the teams in fact shouldn't move much, as you will note week to week later in the year as the season progresses.  For now, you will still get those wild swings as everything sorts out.

Remember as you follow the poll that since both the Pac-12 and Big 12 had a request from Boise State to join their respective leagues and they did not invite the Broncos, the "strength-of-schedule" argument does not work against Boise State for those two conferences, and thus their teams will always be ranked behind Boise State with the same number of losses.  As it should be.  You can't deny a team a place in your conference and then complain about their strength of schedule.  

A team that beats another head-to-head on the field will always be ranked ahead of that team if they have the same record.  As it should be.  If the winner of that game has more losses, further evaluation regarding the closeness and location of the game needs to take place, as well as week-to-week evaluation of all season results.

1-1.    Notre Dame (4-0, did not play; biggest wins over #14 Michigan State and #25 Michigan)

2-2.    Alabama (4-0, beat Mississippi 33-14; biggest win over #25 Michigan)

5-3.    Texas (4-0, outlasted Oklahoma State 41-36; biggest win over Oklahoma State)

4-4.    Oregon (5-0, ran away from Washington State 51-26; biggest wins over Arizona and Fresno State)

6-5.    LSU (5-0, prevailed over Towson 38-22; biggest win over #15 Washington)

7-6.    Georgia (5-0, edged Tennessee 51-47; biggest wins over Tennessee and Missouri)

8-7.    South Carolina (5-0, outdistanced Kentucky 38-17; biggest win over Missouri)

11-8.   West Virginia (4-0, beat Baylor in a 70-63 slugfest; biggest win over Baylor)

10-9.   Florida State (5-0, beat South Florida of the Big East 30-14, biggest win over #23 Clemson)

12-10.  Florida (4-0, did not play; biggest wins over Texas A&M & Tennessee)

13-11.  Kansas State (4-0, did not play; biggest wins over #19 Oklahoma and Miami of Florida)

14-12.  TCU (4-0, topped SMU 24-16; biggest win over Virginia)

15-13.  Boise State (3-1, beat New Mexico 32-29; biggest win over BYU, loss to #14 Michigan State)

9--14.   Michigan State (3-2, lost to Ohio State 17-16; biggest win over #13 Boise State, losses to #1 Notre Dame and Ohio State)

----15.  Washington (3-1, beat #16 Stanford 17-13; biggest win over #16 Stanford, loss to #5 LSU)

3--16.   Stanford (3-1,lost to #15 Washington 17-13; biggest win over #18 USC, loss to #15 Washington)

20-17.  Oregon State (3-0, escaped with a 38-35 win over Arizona; biggest wins over #21 UCLA, Wisconsin and Arizona)

16-18.  USC (3-1, did not play; biggest win over Cal, loss to #16 Stanford)

17-19.    Oklahoma (2-1, did not play; biggest win over UTEP, loss to #11 Kansas State)

18-20.  Louisville (5-0, beat Southern Mississippi 21-17; biggest win over North Carolina)

23-21.  UCLA (4-1, turned back Colorado 32-14; biggest win over #22 Nebraska, lost to #17 Oregon State)

24-22.  Nebraska (4-1, came from behind to beat Wisconsin 30-27; biggest win over Wisconsin, loss to #21 UCLA)

15-23.  Clemson (4-1, downed Boston College 45-31; biggest win over Auburn, loss to #9 Florida State)

20-24.  Rutgers (4-0, did not play; biggest win over South Florida)

21-25.  Michigan (2-2, did not play; biggest win over Air Force, losses to #1 Notre Dame and #2 Alabama)

Dropped Out:  Mississippi State

Also Considered:  Mississippi State (3-0), Texas Tech (4-0), Baylor (3-1), Louisiana Tech (4-0), Cincinnati (3-0), Miami of Florida (4-1), Utah State (4-1), Arizona State (4-1), Texas A&M (3-1), Wisconsin (3-2), Fresno State (3-2), Ohio (5-0), Northwestern (5-0)

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