Monday, October 29, 2012

Boise State 19th in BCS

Harris Poll voters dropped USC and Mississippi State right in front of Boise State yesterday, making the Broncos #19 in the BCS Standings.  In Mississippi State's case, voters dropped them only 12-15 after their blowout loss to Alabama.

Most BCS watchers, myself included, predicted Boise State would jump to #17 after their convincing 45-14 win over Wyoming.  And the nation's coaches who vote in the USA Today poll moved Boise State up to 14th.  But the computers were unkind again, as Boise State barely made the Top 25 in the Computer Composite.  Sagarin was harsh, as his ratings have dropped Boise State from 19 to 29 to 32 in the last two weeks despite Boise State wins.  

The comparison with Mississippi State is most peculiar in Sagarin's ratings.  Both Boise State and Mississippi State are 7-1 this season, and, according to Sagarin's own formula, Boise State's schedule strength is rated by Sagarin as the 78th toughest while Mississippi State is #98.  The Bulldogs are 0-1 against Top 10 teams and 0-1 against Top 30 teams, while Boise State is 1-0 against Top 30 teams.  Yet Mississippi State comes out as Sagarin's #22 team while Boise State is #32.

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