Friday, October 14, 2011

Big East Prepared to Invite Boise State, three others

According to numerous sources, the Big East Conference is prepared to invite Boise State to join its conference for football next week.  The Broncos will move to the Big East beginning next fall.  This will necessitate moving Boise State's other sports to another conference, since the Mountain West does not accept members that do not play football.  It is reported that the Big East will also invite Navy and Air Force for football only and Central Florida for all sports.

The move not only guarantees that Boise State will be in a conference in which the winner is guaranteed a BCS Bowl for the first time in its history, but, as the most successful team in the last decade, will finally get the dollars it deserves.  The Big East got $17.7 million last year which amounted to an average of $2.2 million per team; when Boise State made BCS Bowls in the past it would get about $3 million and when they didn't but another non-AQ did, about $300,000.  And the Big East will bring in that money each and every year because they are an AQ conference.  This will set the table for incredible growth at the school, not only in academic programs and buildings but in long overdue expansion to Bronco Stadium.

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