Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue Through and Through Top 25 College Football Teams, Week Nine

The goal in any ranking is of course to make sure you get it right.  The best and most accurate ranking is going to be one that changes very little.  In other words, the teams you have ranked continue to win week after week unless they are playing a higher-ranked team.  Just to reinterate, Boise State will always be ahead of any Pac-10 or Big-12 team because those two conferences failed to give Boise State a tougher schedule when they had the chance.  Thus, the "easier schedule" argument doesn't apply with those two conferences.

The only reputable ratings (because I pay attention...)

1-1.     Alabama 8-0 (idle, owns wins over #5 Arkansas and #18 Penn State)

2-2.     LSU 8-0 (idle, biggest win over #6 Oregon)

3-3.     Boise State 7-0 (idle, biggest win over #15 Georgia)
5-4.     Oklahoma State 8-0 (win over Baylor, biggest win over #21 Texas)

6-5.     Arkansas 7-1 (beat Vanderbilt, biggest win over #16 Auburn, loss to #1 Alabama)

7-6.     Oregon 7-1 (beat Washington State, biggest win over #22 Arizona State, loss to #2 LSU)

8-7.     South Carolina 7-1 (beat Tennessee, biggest win over #15 Georgia, loss to #16 Auburn)

9-8.     Oklahoma 7-1 (beat #13 Kansas State, beat #13 Kansas State and #21 Texas, lost to Texas Tech)

4-9.     Clemson 8-1 (lost to #23 Georgia Tech, biggest wins over #11 Virginia Tech and #19 Auburn)

10-10.  Stanford 8-0 (win over USC, biggest win over USC)

12-11.  Virginia Tech 8-1 (win over Duke, biggest win over Miami of Florida, loss to #9 Clemson)

14-12.  Houston 7-0 (beat Rice, biggest win over UCLA)

13-13.  Kansas State 7-1 (lost to #8 Oklahoma, biggest win over Baylor)

16-14.  Nebraska 7-1 (beat #19 Michigan State, biggest win over #19 Michigan State, lost to #20 Wisconsin.)

17-15.  Georgia 6-2 (win over Florida, biggest win over Florida, losses to #3 Boise State and #7 South Carolina)

20-16.  Auburn 6-3 (beat Mississippi, biggest win over #7 South Carolina, losses to #2 LSU, #5 Arkansas and #9 Clemson)

21-17.  Michigan 7-1 (beat Purdue, biggest win over Notre Dame, lost to #19 Michigan State)

22-18.  Penn State 8-1 (win over Illinois, biggest win over Illinois, lost to #1 Alabama)

12-19.  Michigan State 6-2 (lost to #14 Nebraska, biggest wins over #17 Michigan and #20 Wisconsin, lost to Notre Dame and #14 Nebraska)

15-20.  Wisconsin 6-2 (lost to Ohio State, biggest win over #14 Nebraska, losses to #19 Michigan State and Ohio State)

24-21.   Texas 5-2 (beat Kansas, biggest win over BYU, losses to #4 Oklahoma State and #8 Oklahoma)

24-22.   Arizona State 6-2 (beat Colorado, biggest win over USC, losses to #6 Oregon and Illinois)

----23.   Georgia Tech 7-2 (beat #9 Clemson, biggest win over #9 Clemson, losses to Virginia and Miami of Florida

19-24.   Texas Tech 5-3 (lost to Iowa State, biggest win over Oklahoma, losses to #13 Kansas State, Texas A&M and Iowa State)

----25.   West Virginia 5-2 (beat Rutgers, biggest win over Rutgers, losses to #2 LSU and Syracuse

Dropped Out:  Texas A&M and Baylor

Considered:  TCU, Southern Mississippi, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Nevada

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