Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big East Raises Exit Fees

Double the pleasure for Boise State fans.

At a press conference today, the Big East Conference announced that it was not only raising fees to leave the conference to $10 million, but also keeping the 27-month waiting period before a school could leave the conference. 

This is good for Boise State on several levels.  First, the dollar amount makes it tough for teams to leave the conference, adding to stability.  This makes it more attractive for the six new members that the Big East wants to add, including the Broncos.  The 27-month waiting period also adds to that stability but has an added bonus.  If Missouri indeed leaves the Big 12 Conference as has long been rumored, the Big 12 will need to replace them.  Since the Big East teams cannot be taken, the Big 12 will either have to stay at nine members (something they don't want to do), add BYU to temporarily get to 10 or add three teams to get back to 12.  It is, after all, called the Big 12 right?

If BYU is added, because of the huge amount of snow in Utah and the distance from other Big 12 schools, a travel partner is needed and Boise State is the most likely and by far the school that is the most qualified.  Since Boise State hasn't yet accepted membership into the Big East, now would be the time to land the Broncos because they aren't under the 27-month waiting rule.  The moment Boise State accepts the Big East invitation, they will be bound by that rule as well and the Big 12 would have to wait over two years to get more members.

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