Friday, October 21, 2011

Computer Effects of College Football Games This Weekend

Here is a breakdown of the games this weekend and how their results affect the BCS Standings:

New Mexico at TCU (Both are league opponents of course, but New Mexico has a tie-in to Texas Tech, an opponent of Nevada.  Computer wise, a New Mexico win would help the most but that is overruled by the human effect that a strong TCU has for Boise State's SOS.)

Colorado State at UTEP (Obviously a CSU win helps more, although since UTEP is an opponent of Tulsa, a Miner win would also help.)

Fresno State at Nevada (Nevada was an opponent of New Mexico, Oregon and Texas Tech.  Fresno State played San Diego State, Cal, Nebraska and Mississippi out of conference.  Since Nevada directly affects Oregon, a win by Fresno State would most help Boise State.)

Toledo hosts Miami of Ohio (Toledo, for now, is rolling and that is good for them and Boise State.)

Tulsa faces a tough game at Rice Saturday.  (Tulsa helps Boise State, but also helps Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.)

Bowling Green hosts Temple (Bowling Green is an opponent of Wyoming, so they would most help Boise State.)

Oregon State plays at Washington State (OSU was an opponent of Wisconsin so a Cougar win helps the most here.  Plus, WSU played San Diego State and UNLV so this is a pretty important game here.)

Utah State hosts Louisiana Tech (USU was an opponent of both Wyoming and Colorado State, an Aggie win helps Boise State.)

New Mexico State at Hawai'i (NM State plays New Mexico while Hawai'i took on UNLV.  In a case such as this, you have to look at their other opponents.  They are both in the same league and play Boise State opponents Fresno State and Nevada.  The difference is that New Mexico State had one game with a Big 10 opponent (Minnesota), and would by extension help Wisconsin.  Hawai'i had two games with Pac-12 teams (Colorado and Washington) and would thus help Stanford twice as much.  Thus, a NM State win would help Boise State the most.)

Colorado hosts Oregon.  (Colorado was an opponent of Colorado State so an improbable win by the Pac-12's newest member helps Boise State more.  However, since Nevada played Oregon, a Duck win would also help Boise State.)

Navy hosts East Carolina (Navy was an opponent of Air Force, so a Navy win benefits Boise State.)

BYU hosts Idaho State (BYU is an opponent of TCU so a Cougar win helps here.)

Auburn at LSU (An Auburn win helps in multiple ways, including giving LSU its first loss.  Wyoming and Colorado State played Utah State, which played Auburn in the opening weekend, so an Auburn win helps minimally in the computers.  Auburn does help Clemson also with a win.  

Texas Tech at Oklahoma (A Texas Tech win not only would give Oklahoma their first loss but since they were an opponent of Nevada, would also help Boise State's SOS.)

Stanford at Washington State (WSU was an opponent of both San Diego State and UNLV so that result would most help Boise State.)

Penn State at Northwestern (Penn State played Alabama, so a Northwestern win would help Boise State more in the computer ratings.)

Tennessee State plays at Eastern Kentucky (Tenn. St. played Air Force and thus benefits Boise State.)

South Dakota hosts UC Davis (South Dakota played Air Force and a win helps Boise State.  They were also an opponent of Wisconsin and would help the Badgers)

Sam Houston plays at McNeese State (Sam Houston played New Mexico and in the crazy world of the BCS, its fate is tied to Boise State.)

Weber State hosts Southern Utah (Weber played Wyoming so the Wildcats can most help Boise State.)

Portland State hosts Willamette (Portland State played TCU so they can most help Boise State.)

Texas State-San Marcos is at Southeastern Louisiana (San Marcos was an opponent of Wyoming.)

Northern Colorado hosts Montana State.  (N. Colorado played Colorado State and an improbable victory (MSU is 6-1 and N. Colorado is 0-7) helps Boise State.)

Wisconsin plays Michigan State (Boise State is trying to finish higher in the BCS Standings than Wisconsin, so a Michigan State win helps that end, but Boise State would be boosted in the SOS with a Wisconsin win since UNLV was an opponent of the Badgers.)

Florida State hosts Maryland (Florida State is an opponent of Oklahoma, so a Maryland win helps the most.)

Duke hosts Wake Forest (Duke is an opponent of Alabama, so a WF win helps Boise State in the computer ratings.)

Ball State hosts Central Michigan (Ball State was an opponent of Oklahoma, so a win by Ohio helps Boise State.)

SMU is at Southern Mississippi (SMU was an opponent of TCU, so a win by the Mustangs is what the Broncos are looking for.)

Northern Illinois plays at Buffalo (N. Illinois is an opponent of Wisconsin so a Buffalo win would most help Boise State.)

Louisiana-Lafayette plays at Western Kentucky (Lafayette was an opponent of Oklahoma State and Western Kentucky is an opponent of LSU.  Since the SEC is generally expected to get a MNC berth no matter what, a WKU win helps Boise State against Oklahoma State in the BCS Standings and against the rest of the Big 12 by extension.)

Louisiana-Monroe is at North Texas (Monroe was an opponent of TCU so a win by the visitors directly helps Boise State's SOS.

Wofford vs. Furman (Wofford lost to Clemson 35-27 was an opponent of Clemson so a win by the Terriors can most help Boise State in the BCSACC teams by extension.)

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